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Wedding Services

The basics that you will require for me to solemnize your wedding in Sydney, Australia are: 

You must be over the age of 18, not related or currently married. I will assist you in the completion of the Notice of Marriage form with the necessary ID, this must be done 31 days prior to your wedding day. 

On your wedding day, vows will be exchanged and important documents signed, and you must have two witnesses over the age of 18 to complete your marriage documents. After the big day I will assist with the finalisation of the documents with the Australian Births Deaths and Marriages. 

My services will ensure the smooth running of your wedding, from the moment you contact me to the officiating of your special day and the legal components that follow.


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Baby Naming Ceremonies 

A baby is one of life's great miracles and bringing a child into the world is one of the most special things a couple can do. Naming ceremonies are a fantastic way to honour the birth of a child and introduce them to the world. This celebration, for friends and family, can include godparents or guardians who promise to care for and guide the child through life. Together we can make your baby's naming day a day to remember. 

Renewal of Vows 

Celebrating a marriage can be so special a couple will decide to do it all over again! Reaffirming the love for one another, whether it be after troubled times or obstacles or simply because you loved it so much the first time, it is a special moment that can be treasured again. 

Love is love and there's not much more to it. Your special day can be anything you dream of and I believe that sharing the love with those special people is the most important part. 

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